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Your Best Bet

There are only so many motivational videos you can watch. There is only so much time you can spend with people who can psych you up. There are only so many podcasts available that you can relate to. So who do you go to for motivation? Besides God, you are the only one spending the most time with you. So train yourself to be the best motivator to yourself. Train yourself to speak positively in spite of the negativity all around you. Train yourself to expect less but hope for the best in every work you put in. And train yourself to win the war, not the battles, in order to last the marathon in a good shape. You are your most important motivator, and your best bet to lift you out of the pit of despair! 👊

Took this shot at Bishan Park, Singapore, with my Sony A7RIII on the 50mm F1.2 GM lens. On a bright Sunday noon, the setup was at 1/5000s. F/1.2 and ISO at 640.

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