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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shipping policy and availability?

Shipping rates are based on DHL for the Express option of USD50 or Singapore Post for the Standard of USD25. GANE watches are available to be shipped immediately and the delivery time is between 1 to 8 weeks after purchase. This is achieved by having ready stock, albeit in limited quantities. When current models run out, we will label them as 'Out of stock' and there will be no re-stocking of these models. We strive to create new models each time whilst maintaining our high quality standards. 

What is your return policy?

We have a 14-day return policy from the date of receipt of your watch. Therefore, do submit an enquiry (refer to the Contact section) and we'll be glad to assist you in any way we can. In addition, our partner is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH that ensures its members meet the high quality standards of Swiss watchmaking. So we expect quality issues to be rare exceptions rather than the norm. 

Do you offer gift cards?

No, we do not. We aim to keep our price reasonable while maintaining the value of our watches. While doing that, we want all watch enthusiasts to have equal opportunity to purchase our watches at the same price. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Singapore.

What currency is pricing listed in?

All pricing on our website is in US dollars.

What is the warranty coverage?

Our warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase and covers any defect in material quality or workmanship that may occur with normal and reasonable use during the warranty period. GANE will cover the costs of repair or replacement of the watches and/or parts of the watches that prove to be defective under normal and reasonable use. The warranty does not apply to the following situations:

1. Repairs required due to reasons other than normal and / or reasonable use.

2. Conditions caused by normal wear and tear.

3. Damages resulting from misuse, accidents, negligence or alterations.

4. Damages that arise after any unauthorized work is performed.

5. Conditions, malfunctions, or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.

We understand that each case is different, and we take every single case with utmost importance and care.  Do contact if you have any issues. We will work with our Swiss partner and resolve your issues to your satisfaction.

Are your prices inclusive of local taxes and import duties?

No, our prices do not include import duties and other applicable taxes. These are the responsibility of the customer and will be billed to you by the courier or your local customs authority on delivery.

All our automatic watches are assembled, regulated and tested under stringent quality control in Switzerland by our partner, a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. Every single watch is tested for function and autonomy in Switzerland. Final quality control is done at our headquarters in Singapore.

Where are your products manufactured?

Do you ship globally?

Yes, we ship globally, typically with Singapore Post International, a very reliable and established courier delivery service.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via PayPal and major credit/debit card companies such as VISA, Mastercard and American Express.


How do I wind the watch?

Wind the crown of the watch 15 to 20 times in the clockwise direction to power up the mainspring. The watch will run automatically as long as the wearer is wearing the watch and moving their wrists.

How do I set the time on the watch?

From the crown's starting position, pull it out gently to the third position. Turn the crown in both directions to set the hour and the minute hands accordingly. Then push the crown back to the starting position.


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