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The Type D is the second lineup after the Type C collection, influenced by early 20th century European wall clocks. It followed the same design language of combining beauty and industrial elements into its aesthetics.

DSC04562 (1).jpg


Going in that same quirky musical direction, the Type D (the 2nd note of the C-major scale) marked a logo change for GANE to allow for more freedom in future design themes. The Type D is distinguished by a sandwich dial with textured 'linen' slate.

Automatic Movement

The movement is the Miyota Calibre 90S5, top-of-the-line model from its Premium Series, comes with a vibration frequency of 28800/hour and a hacking second hand. It has no date crown position, which is welcomed by wearers of no-date watches.


Exhibition Caseback

Turning the watch over, through the exhibition caseback, one is greeted by a personally designed ion-plated custom blackened rotor. It is laser engraved to simulate a lampshade, a similar tribute to the brand owner's mother as in the Type C.

Case Dimensions

At 38mm size, 46mm lug-to-lug distance, 20mm lug width and 11.5mm thickness inclusive of the deliciously domed sapphire crystal, the watch is delightfully sized for both men and women.

DSC03703 (1).jpg

The Thimithi

Malaysia is a multi-cultural society with breathtaking natural landscapes and buoyant festivals. On Penang island, there is an annual fire-walking tradition, Thimithi, where devotees walk across hot, orange embers, signifying purification and faith.

Influenced by this festival, Type D1 'Ember', comes in a vibrant yet muted colorway of charcoal grey slate and a bottom zesty orange disk. Both layers are linen textured to create a striking aesthetic.

DSC03447 (3).jpg

Batu Caves

Limestone caves are naturally occurring along the mountains in the northern part of Malaysia. Batu Caves is the most prominent limestone hill in that region. It is home to a historical sanctuary for the Hindu community as well as rich in flora and fauna.

Type D2 'Limestone', comes in stony grey and gravelly white shades that appropriately pays tribute to this location. Both top and bottom layers are linen textured to create a dignified, vintage aesthetics.

DSC04686_2 (2).jpg

Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is a mountainous district in Pahang, Malaysia. It is acclaimed for its blossoming rose and juicy strawberry plantations. At twilight, the skyline is a beauty to behold, a mix of soft grey and blue across the clear, vast skies.

Type D3 'Twilight' capitalized on this stirring scenery in its colorway, with a soft ultramarine blue top plate and a pewter grey bottom disc for an industrial vibe. This mystifying dial looks a clear, pastel blue in bright daylight but turns alluring 'azure' when the sun sets.


The Canvas Dial

As an avid painter, Ray's favorite colors are white and ultramarine blue. The 'canvas' dial on the Type D provides a perfect slate to paint beautiful colors and shades, all according to the breadth and depth of our imagination to yield undoubtedly unique watches.

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