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GANE is about bringing nostalgic and industrial elements into our automatic timepieces. Read GANE's story on Channel News Asia.

Brand owner, Ray grew up in Malaysia and is based in Singapore. A blend of slow and fast pace of living shaped his outlook of contradictions. GANE was birthed in 2020 as a dream project.

Abstract Art

Firstly, quality is integral. A partnership was forged with a trusted company from Switzerland, a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, to execute GANE's project.


Secondly, the Citizen Miyota movement from Japan was selected as a robustly reliable option. Every watch is then tested for function and autonomy in Switzerland.

With these bases covered, Type C, C being the starting note of the C-major musical scale, forms the first collection for GANE.

Black watch

Nostalgic & Industrial Elements

GANE, pronounced 'gain', was extracted from 'Hagane' which means steel in Japanese. Strong, brushed steel case represents the industrial element while nature and art brings the nostalgic element into our timepieces. 

The aesthetics of Type C were influenced by the ancient sundial. The indices were machined onto a top plate and overlaid on a bottom disc, creating a stepped 3D dial.


The caseback was designed as a tribute to Ray’s late mother, Justilla. The name signifies fairness and she loved beautiful lamps, as illustrated by the lampshade integrated onto a scale.

GANE WATCHES uniquely and personally designed caseback
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