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Favorite Watches & Genre

It was truly an honor to know that out of all the microbrands in the world, the GANE Type D is one of Time & Tide's favorite releases in the year 2022. Simply said, it affirmed the design choices that we took. Though it seemed rather risky at the time, we followed our hearts in the development phase. If you're interested in reading, you may find the article here.

"GANE’s second release takes an ornamental approach to the wristwatch, with a thick, flat bezel that acts as a frame for the linen-texture dial," said Fergus Nash from T+T. To a lesser extent, the lack of a defined genre for GANE Watches has brought some confusion to our patrons. Genre brings familiarity and structure to everything we love. Therefore, when Mr. Nash described the Type D as ornamental, we were pleasantly surprised but mostly in agreement.

For some, the ultimate enjoyment comes from constantly appreciating the beautiful watch on the wrist and in complete oblivion to the time it tells. True, a beastly time machine with nano-level precision and microsecond indices is awesome, but it is not a priority to many for the everyday experience.

GANE watches are rather quirky, a little 'art deco' with some vintage influences. They're rather unique so far, but it is time to place them within a genre. So we'd like to define GANE Watches as 'smart casual automatic dress watches'.

A dress watch is worn on social occasions. 'Smart casual' gives it versatility to be on formal or casual occasions, thus maximizing its 'rugged' features.

With more lifestyle content on our social media, together with the defined genre, it's certainly our hope that this will give more clarity to our patrons when browsing our watches. And we look forward to a great future of creativity in putting out more distinctive watches that are aligned with our customers' taste.

Here's wishing all of you a marvelous year 2023 ahead!

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