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Later Gator, Rotor Deviser

I'd like to share a little about the design process of the new Type D rotor on the exhibition caseback.

In the Type C collection, I designed a 'lampshade integrated to a scale' drawing as a tribute to my late mum, who loved beautiful lamps. For the Type D collection, I opted for an exhibition caseback instead to showcase the beautifully finished premium line Miyota 90S5 movement. I chose to customize the rotor with an evolution of my previous lampshade design onto an ion-plated black rotor. Block rotor was the obvious choice to me as it is unique and 'bad-ass', but classy. But I'll definitely experiment with other colors in future collections.

Prototype Design of the Rotor

Working with my Swiss partner, we tested the idea using silver print into the grooves of the lampshade vs a no-print version. Looking at both, I love the style of a black rotor plate laser engraved with the lampshade design without any ink printing. It looks more subtle and premium at the same time. The design pops up at certain angles under natural light. The black rotor fits nicely with the overall design language of the watch. Hope you like it too!

Final Rotor Design

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