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Trendspotting and Trendsetting

"I want to wear skinny jeans when I'm in my 70s. Why not? Who cares?"

Ewan McGregor.

From the 1960's to the 2020's, jeans went from baggy -> carrot -> bell -> bootcut -> skinny, and finally going one big circle back to baggy. The same pattern is observed with tops and even office wear! Make no mistake, fashion trends can be mapped onto the sinusoidal curve! 😂.

They say fashion fades, but style is eternal. Kinda like mechanical watches isn't it? We have gone through the quartz revolution, then the smart watch revolution, and finally the fitness watch revolution. But mechanical timepieces are here to stay. They stand the test of time, pardon the pun, even though we do not really need them anymore with the advent of smart phones.

There is something stylish about vintage romance, timeless design, engineering finesse of a mechanical watch and just having that beautiful metal piece on our wrist. The emotion that it brings cannot be replaced by digital products.

Quick setup sharing, using the Sony A7II with the Tamron 28-75mm lens. The aperture was wide open at F/2.8 to allow good separation of the subjects, ISO at 320, and speed at 1/400s to reduce the exposure of the sun rays into the room. Slightly reduced vibrance and saturation at post-editing to give the image a bit of timelessness.

Let's start the week in style! 💪

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