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Throw Away The Lemons!

A company is respected by its employees and customers when it does things right at the beginning of the funnel, not when it's managing problems right at the end of the funnel.

A gaming keyboard bought for my little one had a non functioning button. It's fine to make a trip back to the shop, but I was quickly diverted to a queue of customers with issues on their products as well.

The company tried its best to manage the customer service area well by hiring not 1 but at least 4 personnel dealing with a queue of faulty products on their shelf. Without checking my claims of the faulty button, I was told to pick another keyboard from the shop and they quickly let me test it out.

What if this one has problems too when I bring it back? The manager could not reply, but continue to shout at his workers to speed up the testing. I could only count on my luck that I wouldn't pick a 'lemon'.

So back to my point, when a company does things right from the beginning, in this case product quality, it would have happier employees, happier customers, happier shareholders and be profitable all year long!

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