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The Time Stone

I find the storyline of the new Spider-Man movie a little jarring. The entire crisis in the movie was stemmed out of one little decision that Spidey made. And he paid a huge price for it. 🕷️

But I guess it could happen to the best of us. A well meaning act can yield catastrophic consequences.

The silver lining is that in the midst of a crisis, there are opportunities and lessons to be learnt. Without it, 3 Spideys would not have met, formed great teamwork and gave us a solid entertainment. Sorry for the spoilers here. And Peter wouldn't have learnt that old habits really, really die hard, for the villains at least. 😅

True, the price may be high, but we cannot undo our past decisions (unless we have the Time Stone of course, duh). Look deeper though, you will surely see that there are opportunities created, for other people or for yourself, and lessons learnt. 💪

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