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The Paradox of Wisdom

"Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding".


Wisdom is simply a good common sense. The ability to exercise good judgement in all situations. Everyone can get wisdom, it's a gift to humanity. But if everyone is wise, wouldn't it lead to a very peaceful world for all us?

So maybe our creator says, throw in emotions into humanity. Let's rock the boat a little! That messes up a lot of things doesn't it? Now our wisdom is clouded by our emotions and we can't think properly! The quality of our judgements now depends on how well we isolate from our emotions that mess us up. And of course, like students, some of us passed, and some, well, failed badly.

Those who do well usually think logically and at the same time, empathize with other people's emotions. Aha, maybe that's the way to go about it!!

I took this shot at Chinatown, Singapore, with my Sony A7II on the 85mm F1.4 manual lens, setup at ISO 320 and speed of 1/200s. I love street photography! With a wide aperture lens, the corridor shots can look really blurry and surreal.

May wisdom guide your week ahead! 👊😎

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