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The Conjurer

"The magic is inside you. there ain't no crystal ball".

Dolly Parton.

Harrison Ford was told that he'd never succeed in the movie business by an executive when he was just starting out. Thomas Edison's teachers told him that 'he was too stupid to learn anything'. Vera Wang only started designing wedding gowns at the age of 40. Walt Disney was fired from his first employment due to his 'uninspiring' cartoons. J.K. Rowling's famous manuscript was rejected 12 times by publishers.

Many people look outside of themselves to find that 'magic', and effectively absolving themselves of the responsibility to do something on their own. If only we have that talent, if only we have that training, if only we have that connection, if only we have that job, if only we have that amount of money, then we can do something magical. Or so we think.

Magic is fluffy. I think the meat is, each one of us has something only we can do best, be happy doing it and enriches others as a result, in big or small ways. Those are the ingredients. It is inside of us all along. So start digging deep and doing what we are meant to do. 💪

A simple shot with the Sony A7II and Samyang 85mm F1.4 lens. Setup at F/1.4, ISO 250 and speed of 1/200s to have that nice blurriness at the front and back. I enhanced vibrance and contrast to get the colors to pop more.

Happy conjuring! 👊👊

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