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Smart Casual Watches

In the wake of the pandemic, formal office wear became a thing of the past. Working folks go smart casual at most for home teleconferences or an occasional return to empty offices.

This begs the question for watch enthusiasts, what would happen to my dressiest of dress watches? Are they doomed to accumulate dust the same way as my suits and tux? Or maybe, should I get into new hobbies like embroidery or cooking instead? Fear not! We can still maintain our watch hobby. Look no further than the versatile pieces of GANE Type C series!

The C1 automatic watch is a master of class and timelessness. The Sandy Salmon dial paired with bracelet can go under suit cuffs in a formal gala dinner. Or it can be dressed down with a leather strap for a night out with friends.

The C2's Brushed Blue piece is a subdued companion that feels ever reliable, rugged and yet cool in a tense business discussion as well as in a rowdy sports game.

The C3's Steely Silver piece on bracelet provides steely strength amidst the toughest of home teleconferences. When paired with a leather strap, it is surprisingly calm in a solitary coffee break on a quiet afternoon.

So there you go. Check out GANE's versatile automatic watches at today!

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