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Shiny and Sharp

Once in a blue moon I see someone who is intense, whose eyes are shiny and sharp, fully engrossed in what he or she is doing, oblivious to their surroundings. Sacrifice is not even a question, as temptations and pleasure fell away like water droplets on oily surface. Someone who suffered setbacks after setbacks, humiliation and criticism, but kept on keeping on, like it's the only way he or she knew how. Someone whose eyes raged through obstacles, teared through despair, analyzed through the lack of results and somehow remained shiny and sharp. Those intense, hunting eyes.

And then I see people whose eyes are dull and distant, a lot more often too. They trudge the ground daily, waiting for the next meal, next TV show, next paycheck, the next big trend that they can hook themselves on. They spend their waking hours consuming internet feed like it's the only stimulant around. They seem to hide their existence and depression behind a cloud of pleasure and comfort. Like preys being hunted, their eyes are dull and distant.

It's great to be a hunter, hunting something with great intensity, with shiny and sharp eyes. Doing what we love, putting in the sacrifice, though it's not always fun, it feels very much alive.

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