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Rugged Leather 'Shoes'

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

One of the most enjoyable aspect of watch collecting is strap changing. It allows us to express our individuality, creativity and audacity, all of that on our wrist. It gives us the 'swagger' and freedom knowing that there is no right or wrong choice, only our choice.

I spent a long time to select and procure the leather straps for GANE. My criteria were that they must be rugged with a vintage feel, top quality, European made, brushed and hefty tang buckle, and of course single, large strap loop. I've always been a fan of leather straps and I have a huge collection of them. My fixation with single loop is due to my experience with a great strap-maker from Australia. It functions perfectly well for me such that double loop seemed non-value added. And it looks edgy and cool to me.

The end results were premium 4mm thick-cut, European leather straps with quick-release function for easy strap changing. The tang buckle is a solid piece of finely brushed, surgical grade 316L steel. It's all about presence, and quality. From bottom to top: C1’s 'Distressed Sesame' vintage grey strap. C2’s 'Wrinkled Moro' deep brown strap. C3's 'Wrinkled Tan' tan brown strap.

What would be your strap recommendations for the GANE Type C series?

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