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Ride The Wave

Salmon swim upstream against the flow of the freshwater to lay eggs. The energy they expend for this arduous task is so massive that unfortunately, it is a one way journey for them. They die after that important, self-sacrificing mission.

'Fighting' against the 'flow' of life can an arduous experience. The 'flow' that you are experiencing in certain seasons can be truly challenging, sorrowful or even unfair. Naturally, we resist it, fight it or even avoid it. But at times, this is part of nature, like a gigantic river, flowing according to the gravitational law no matter how we try to fight it.

What if instead of fighting or resisting the 'flow' of life, you acknowledge it and allow yourself to ride along with it? You accept that it is your portion in season, that the 'flow' is for you, not against you, to build and not to destroy you. By accepting and riding along with it, the stress of fighting is gone and now you're better equipped mentally to cope with anything that comes your way.

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