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Rebel Roadside

"Well I walk right on up to your rebel roadside..."

Jimi Hendrix.

The human race is built to be risk averse. Throughout the centuries, survival is the ultimate instinct. Humans defend, run away from danger, adapt to various situations in the name of safety. This trait is passed down generation by generation and is inbuilt into our DNA.

But studies have shown that being different wins. Taking risks wins! Being a rebel gives us that chance! It is not safe, but the reward is significant. So challenge yourself, do not be concerned of the results and what other people think.

Taking risks is not a bad thing. If we use it to our advantage, we differentiate ourselves, in a good way, towards either end of the normal distribution curve, and may be seen as standing out from the average. This way, we can win! Being average does not!

A simple shot on my electric guitar using the Sony A7II and 50mm lens. At F/2.8, speed 1/80s and ISO 640, I took advantage of the good natural lighting in my room on a sunny, late afternoon. Just a little exposure increase, contrast and dehaze at post-processing. The cool thing is the maroon color of the Fender really jived in well with the warm parquet wooden floor.

Rebel.. for a good reason! 💪

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