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Photography Painting

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."

- David Alan Harvey.

I paint when I'm free for an extended period of time, which is never, or maybe once in 5 years. I'd research what to paint months beforehand as it is a big project for myself. I need to ensure the right feeling is portrayed that represents me the most at that period of time. During the week of painting, I'd commit about 2 hours a day over 5 days to work on it.

Enter photography. I used to scoff at it for being the easy way out version of painting. I cringed at the notion that photography is an activity with minimal effort, aside from clicking with an index finger. Nevertheless, due to it's fast turnaround time, I decided to indulge in it. I soon discover that it is like picking up guitar playing, it's easy to play, but so darn difficult to play well!

Like the famous National Geographic photographer said, shoot what it feels like. How true. And there comes the challenge to convey that feeling. When I'm painting, I tried to copy a photo. Similarly when taking a photo, I think the ultimate challenge is to make it looks like a painting.

I shot that outdoor shoot with my Sony A7RIII on the 50mm F1.2 GM lens, setup at ISO 250 and speed of 1/2500s due to the bright, sunny condition.

Have fun doing photography!

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