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Neon Lights

The morning wakes abuzz

People rushing into routine busyness

Grabbing coffee cups in suits and smartness

Bursting with hours of moneymaking business

The city groans with horns and chattering

The day is long and never relenting

Like bees or drones we never seem to stop

Till a sigh signals on the clock

Finally the sun dims slowly

The city lights up in a smoky vision

The buzzing slows as the night draws adjacent

The city slumbers behind the veil of blinking colors

Enticing with the softest quiet voices

Beneath the stillness are many reflections

Drunkenness and neon in perfect collaboration

Drunk in its mysterious beauty

I fell in love with the city

If it is at all a possibility

Though the day is overbearing insanity

But the night is overwhelming emotionally

Myriad of feelings mixed into confusion

So addictive are those neon

If the city is a glass of wine

Let me drown in it

While the night lasts

A bittersweet fruit the world has casts

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