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Lightsabers and Brushed Steel

"With one quick sweep of a lightsaber, you gave hope to everyone who saw your blade."

- Ryder Windham.

What fascinates you most in Star Wars movies? For me, I was always intrigued by the variety of creatures in the dusty desert taverns, like that huge, wrinkly Hutt. It was intimidating, yet amazing.

Lume shot of the GANE C3 at night on my Sony A7II with the 50mm macro lens, illuminated by my laptop display. Aperture at F/13 to get more of the dial in focus, speed at 1/3s and ISO 2500 due to low light condition.

Blue Super-LumiNova lumed 'lightsabers' sweep atop the two-piece cutting-edge dial construction.

The C3 consists of 316L stainless steel parts finely brushed in various directions. The brushing on the top ring is radial, the bottom plate dial is horizontal, and the watch case is vertically brushed, creating a myriad of reflections when photographed.

May the force be with you! 🗡️🛡️

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