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Let's Talk Wooden Box

My passion for wood stems from my hobby in playing acoustic guitars. I'm smitten by the looks, sound and smell of different tone-woods on the guitar body. My favorite sound comes from the solid Engelmann Spruce top and solid East Indian rosewood back/sides combo. It yields a bassy, booming sound with plenty of overtones. Looks wise, I'd go for satinized Koa anytime with its beautiful grains and coloration.

That is why I went for a walnut hardwood presentation watch box for our new Type D collection. I felt that it brought out the organic and raw feel of the watches perfectly. I made sure that the box is machined accurately according to the actual size, length and case placement of the watch to ensure a good fit. A magnetic cover provides a nice touch of quality and practicality.

The walnut's stunning grain and coloration is different for every watch box so every individual customer will have a unique, personalized case. Below is what you'll see when you open the watch case. Oh yes, it comes with the GANE's Journey photo booklet!

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