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Kindness by Imagination

Recently, there has been a spate of scamming incidents in Singapore. I myself was click away from being scammed of my banking particulars. The scammers have upped their game by multiple levels. Their texts are cunningly interspersed with legitimate banking texts. Their landing pages are virtually indistinguishable from authentic versions.

They have done superbly well in the recruitment area to have hired top talents into the IT positions. Learned folks now are way more easily scammed. A recent victim was even a banker herself.

I wonder why the scammers got into this industry. No doubt they are very skilled, but they somehow lacked imagination. They fail to visualize the trauma they caused to the families whose decades worth of life savings were wiped out in a matter of minutes. The guilt the individuals felt after they were scammed, having burdened their families immensely. The anguish and suffering the victims experienced.

One key skill to teach our children is definitely imagination. Once we hone their imagination, we also sharpen their empathy.

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