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Killing Bees With Honey

I don't like the word haters. I thought it is overrated, exaggerated and overused. That is until I myself am at the receiving end of it. I define haters as complete strangers who are mostly on the Internet, who give unconstructive criticism, love to channel negative emotions, amplify every shortcoming, adding false information and personal attacks along the way. Haters hate facts and logic, and when confronted with the truth, they brushed it off and sometimes add more speculations to the topic of interest.

As a new business on the block, I was caught by surprise by the hateful comments on forums and media sites on my new brand. There were malicious comments on my brand name, design choices, business strategy and personal attacks. The attacks were from total strangers and they were spreading total misinformation such as the origin of my products and plagiarism.

I have learnt that the best way to deal with these personal attacks is to not take it personally. That's one. Secondly, give him/her the benefit of doubt by correcting the misinformation with facts. If he/she acknowledged it and turned cordial, then all is good and we gained a new friend. If they remained hostile and unreasonable, then ignore them and move on as the last step. These three steps may be simple to follow but it takes colossal effort from our side to keep pruning off the negativity from our soul. Keep going my friends! 👊

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