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Kidz Rulez!

There was a time when grownups know everything. They can do anything, like Superman. They go through high school, university, get properly trained, do stuff and earn money. We don't try anything new without first asking the grownups. They're the goto people.

They're no longer though. Internet has changed everything. Now, kids rules. On the outside, they appear just like, well kids. On the Internet though, they have 4.7 million followers worldwide. They still go to school, but they make more money on the side from sponsorships than their parents. Suddenly the grownups no longer know everything.

Back from school, they do their 30 second dances in their room, or throw ping ping balls into a cup at the other end of their room that bounce off into a hoop on the wall, or record themselves biting chilli flavoured garlic, or pretend to be apprehended by the police, or do their 'fake' walking, and the list goes on and on.

We may scoff at the videos the kids put up, but we will never put a dent on the trend. Those kids can now teach grownups a thing or two, like churning out contents to target audience that appreciates them. Or riding on the latest trend for maximum engagement. Or even decent quality dance choreographies. In other words, personal branding 101. Heck, we grownups have a ton to learn from kids in this day and age!

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