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History Repeats Itself

It's almost unthinkable that in this day and age, a seemingly unprovoked military attack against another country can still be happening. It is surreal to watch videos and read news of soldiers and civilians dying for 'no good' reasons.

How then do we make sense of the situation from an observer's perspective? For one, we may look back into the history books. Humanity is fallen and wars happen because of our inability to collaborate in spite of differences, for a greater good. Since the beginning of time, nations have engaged in wars primarily for the sake of power and economic gains. As they say, history repeats itself and so it's still the same today.

Secondly, John Maxwell once said that everything begins and ends with leadership. The ideal leader is a servant to his or her followers and aims to benefit others at the expense of oneself. When a leader is self serving, this leads to destructive consequences and suffering.

Let's hope and pray that the people affected may stay safe and strong, and that the situation would be resolved soon!

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