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Gaming and Relaxation

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

"Everything is true, except for the lies."

- Fragile, Death Stranding.

I love this game! It could be the best game for me in 2020, if not for The Last of Us 2 that brought insane gaming joy through the pandemic. Death Stranding was real tight on all angles; storyline, gameplay, absorbing dialogues and 10/10 cool factor. Some do not like the long, lonely hikes through the terrains with music, but I find them really cathartic 😂.

I photographed the image above with the Sony A7II on the Tamron 28-75mm lens, setup at 44mm length, F/2.8, ISO 250 and speed of 1/60s. Totally ordinary settings here in sharp contrast to the game 😎.

"If I ever were to lose you, I'd surely lose myself."

- Pearl Jam, Future Days.

The Last of Us II is a game that combined dramatic storytelling with zombie killing. This song was sang by Joel to Ellie in the introduction that foretold a poignant and heartbreaking journey. A great example of creativity and differentiation in the gaming industry! 🎮

I took this shot with the Sony A7II on the 100-300mm macro lens at 109mm, F/5.6, ISO 800 and speed of 1/100s. I upped the contrast, dehazed and desaturated the picture a little to produce a more somber tone.

What are some of your favorite console games?

Here's hoping you have heck of a 'zombie killing' week ahead! 🤺👹👿💣

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