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Fashion Competition

"It looked like something that is on the runways today in Europe."

- Next In Fashion.

I watched Next In Fashion on Netflix recently and it was an eye opener for me in terms of the technicalities of fashion and clothing. It's interesting to learn about clothing construction, execution, wearability, different sewing techniques, among others. It was a fun behind the scenes look at the creativity of the fashion industry.

The quote above was not meant to be a compliment. For this competition, they were looking for something new.

So the losers were designers who went the safe route, doing what they were familiar with, though with tremendous level of execution, they didn't make the cut. The ones who did were those who took design risks to go out of their comfort zones.

The losers were specialists, people who were industry leaders but specializes in areas like underwear, street wear and specific gender wear. The generalists did better there due to the multiple fashion themes that they need to perform in.

And on top of these qualities, there is that extra flamboyance or that 'showstopping' moment that is very much welcomed in the fashion world. Of course, these ingredients may not apply to every competition, but we learn what works in this one! 🕴️💃

I took this shot on my Sony A7II with the 50mm macro lens at F/2.8, ISO 80 and speed of 1/160s amidst the streams of sunlight coming into my room. I threw in some denim, leather and accessory. Quite a 'fashion' moment I would say. 😁

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