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Easy Man, Easy...

Growing up as a pre-internet kid, it was business as usual if another day passed by without anything happening at all. As a kid, hours after hours were spent doing nothing, sometimes just rolling on earth, looking below rocks, finding earthworms, catching them, then releasing them. In high school, it was pretty much the same. Long walks after school were the norm, just walking, looking at the bushes, crossing the bridge, looking down at the river, at people's houses, just letting time pass by, with no urgency, no activity. If I remember correctly, businesses were the same. Shareholders looked at yearly performance, and did 2-year or 3-year plans with long term brand building and sustainable money-making strategy.

The perception of time is at a much more frantic pace now. Kids could not spend half an hour without stimulating their senses with YouTube videos. Adults walk 3 minutes from their offices to the carparks with eyes glued to their phones. New products are launched and bank-breaking sales are expected in the next hour. Companies make organizational changes and react to the stock-market by the month. CEOs are replaced by the quarter. Bosses ask for assignments today and expect them done yesterday.

We need to readjust our perception of time. As the Good Book says, everything has a pattern and a season. We need to be patient that if things do not happen yesterday, it's not personal, just wait for the right season. Don't overstimulate our brains. We need to do nothing and let nothing happen for a period of time. Take the chill pill. We have more time than we think. Life expectancy has increased over the years for goodness sake.

As a Mexican buddy used to tell me, "Easy man, easy..."

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