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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

"It's a thing that worries me sometimes whenever you talk about creativity, because it can have this kind of feel that it's just nice, you know, or it's warm or it's something pleasant. It's not. It's vital."

- Ethan Hawke.

Remember the times when we are so inspired by a movie, a song, or even a leadership talk that it triggers a real change within ourselves that sets a different course for our lives? Or it could be the beauty of nature so inspires us, the Grand Canyon, and the aurora borealis. We can't help but being changed from the inside. That is creativity at play.

Ethan spoke in a TED Talk presentation about how most of us spend our lives uninspired, comfortable doing the routine stuff and our habitual activities. He argued that expressing ourselves creatively heals ourselves and the people around us. It invites us to play the fool, to try new things, to pursue our passion and in the process, inspires others to do the same. Then the healing process will flow around the world.

So I conclude that my calling in life is to express all the creativity in me into a viable output that enriches the lives around me. So find out what you love, follow your heart, walk it and be willing to play the fool! 👍

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