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Choose Your Battles

"You know, you pick and choose your battles."

Ryan Lochte.

Some battles have to be abandoned. Those that are not within our control, like the weather or the past or the inevitable. The battles that we can't win by sound argument or logic, like human sentiments, personal bias, prejudice and hate.

Focus on the battles that we can win, or at least we can put up a good fight. In those controllable situations, no matter how small the odds of winning, by golly, fight the good fight of faith. Yes, fighting needs a whole lot of faith, so have faith, and go for the win! 🔥🏃‍♂️🔥

A cozy shot on the parquet floor of my room with my Sony A7II, 50mm macro at F/2.8, speed of 1/40s and ISO 400. Increased contrast and red tint at post editing to give a more woody feel.

What are some of your battles now?

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