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Check Out The New Content!

I've been receiving feedback on whether my watches can be physically available in Japan for watch enthusiasts to see and feel them physically. Due to our business strategy, we do not have physical stores to do that.

The next best thing is to produce videos. So I embarked on hours upon hours of videography, music curating and video editing. It was hard work but extremely satisfying creatively! You may find significant old school vibes in my videos and music. I hope you'll spot some of Quentin Tarantino's influence as well 😎.

So we've launched our new YouTube channel last week! In addition, I've created contents for Instagram and Facebook reels. You may check them out in the links below. If you like it, do subscribe, follow and share! 💪

We'll have more YouTube reviewers review GANE Watches in the coming months too! Do look out for them! 😉

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