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Cavemen Instincts

Fear drives us, as much as we are reluctant to admit it. The fear of death, of sickness, of poverty, of discomfort, of suffering, even of not measuring up or of judgement from other people and ourselves.

Even with a 1% chance of something bad happening, that drives us much more than the 99% joy and victory that we are likely to encounter.

Perhaps this is due human nature? The primitive survival instincts that were ingrained in our DNA and honed from ancient our cavemen days.

The opposite of fear is faith. Blessed is the person who seemed to be full of it, who seemed to smile through adversity, who seemed to thrive in challenges, whose face beamed and eyes glinted at the sight of Goliath.

Or maybe they're just putting up a front, faking till they're making it. Nevertheless, fear robs us of joy, whereas faith gives us peace and inspires others mightily.

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