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Buses And Trains

Embarking on a new career at mid life is risky, especially in a smaller firm, but there's probably no later or better time to do it than now. So I left my nineteen year old job for something completely new, and new is an apt word to describe my experience.

I found myself in unfamiliar territory akin to a speedboat on rough waves as opposed to a large, steady container ship. In the past two months, I'd do 11 to 12 hour days on most days due to the sheer amount of tasks. They range from strategy, administrative, managerial and leadership to physical labor. The 'work' does not stop after work too, as I have to plan for changes in my organization structure to improve efficiency.

I changed my habits to working out late at night, eating dinner close to midnight and cutting out leisure activities such as gaming and watching Netflix. Needless to say, my new job has taken a toll on my mental health and lifestyle.

But then, it forced me to learn and grow at a time when I thought I've seen everything. It deepen my faith even more. Many times, I felt like throwing in the towel, however, my self motivating skill has leveled up accordingly. My job is far from secure, always feeling that I haven't met expectations and one step away from being asked to leave. But I've found peace in toeing that line, knowing I'd have bowed out head held high if that happens.

My current experience has also rekindled my interest in watches, a welcome and nice distraction. I'm in the midst of switching out my personal collection to suit my current lifestyle of daily heavy commuting.

This period has been an awakening for me spiritually, and knowing myself even more. So in a nutshell, if given the choice to start over, I'd make the same career move again.

Bachelor Girl summed it perfectly in the song Buses and Trains.

So I walked under a bus,

I got hit by a train,

Keep falling in love,

Which is kind of the same,

I've sunk out at sea, crashed my car, gone insane,

And I felt so good,

I wanna do it again!

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