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Boundaries and Fun

"Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures." - Edwin Louis Cole. One of the best games I've played is a PlayStation game called Death Stranding. In it, you're given delivery tasks, for example, delivering medical supplies to a person in another location. You can choose how to get there, on foot or using a vehicle; the path that you like, up the mountains or through the valleys. However, your chosen path may lead you to dangers like acid rains that damage your goods, or robbers who steal from you. But you can't kill, as dead bodies somehow cause huge explosions that damage the surroundings. Apart from the set boundaries, you're free to explore the world any how you like, enjoying the scenic routes, listening to the music, occasionally testing yourselves with challenging terrains, or beating up robbers if you are in the mood for it. 🎮 I guess the fun of the game comes from freedom within boundaries, as long as we deliver the goods. The same can be applied to the best jobs, sports, games, or anything in life, no? 🙌 Shot this photo within the boundary of my window frame🙂, with my Sony A7RIII on the Zeiss 50mm F1.4 lens. Setup at speed of 1/250s and ISO 400 in the bright evening light. Have fun! 👊

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