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Painting is like reading a book. We have an idea of what we gonna read, but we have to go through the pages. And some pages are hard to go through, parts of the plot make us sweat. But we have to go through the whole nine yards, take the time to complete the subplots, before we finally finish reading a whole book. Then we'll be able to appreciate the whole story. And the satisfaction from the story sometimes lingers for a long time. 📘

Photography on the other hand is probably like watching a movie. The process of completing one is much faster. The gratification is more instant. But there are so many aspects to ensure a good quality movie. The visuals, the composition, the plot, the hook and the climax, to name a few. At the end of it, the satisfaction of watching a good movie also lingers for a long time. 📺

I've taken to doing photography way more than painting, simply because 'watching a movie' is way faster than 'reading a book.' It's a very fun challenge to capture a good photo. Not only in the composition but also in the depth. In the process of doing that, I think of what lens to use, what aperture to set and which spot to focus at. Decisions, decisions and decisions. But fun decisions though! If the photo is good, the satisfaction is immense. A great photo draws us into it.

The Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN is my go-to lens for now. That was what I used to take these photos, at F/1.4 of course to have that bokehlicious look! Happy snapping! 📸🖼️

P.S. There is an Easter egg in my second photo though, can you find it? Will let you know in my next blog!🥚

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