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Altitude Correction

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

It's heart wrenching to read of the moments before air crashes happen due to pilot error. Some pilots did the exact opposite from the standard procedure to correct the situation due to lack of data or out of pure anxiety. A pilot tried to correct low altitude by lifting up the nose of the plane. However, due to the lack of thrust or speed, the plane 'dropped' even faster towards the earth, accelerating towards their doom instead. To be able to 'lift' to the right altitude, sufficient thrust is needed. Added thrust is achieved by increasing throttle or pointing the 'nose' downwards instead of upwards. Of course, sufficient data is needed for the pilot to make the right decision, along with the right training and composure. The same with business. Do owners have the right data, experience and composure? What altitude do they want to bring their business to? What proportion of resources is focused on marketing or brand lifting and how much is allocated into the push for product development? The owner's decision will either accelerate the business towards success or doom.

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