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Abstract Articulation

"Creativity is not just some warm, nice feeling- it is vital. It is the way we heal each other through our art, our stories, experiences."

- Ethan Hawke.

Sharing my second piece on my living room wall that I painted back in 2019. It turned out completely different from what I intended, so I repainted over it massively and was literally sweating and swearing through the process. Fortunately it turned out still in 'usable' state. So I'd call this 'A Second Chance'.😁

In 2021, I hope to channel my creative outlet more as what Ethan had said in his interview, it is the sustenance of life. Not doing so made me somewhat depressed. I hope all of you will have more of a creative outlet this year whether you are an artist, photographer, engineer, an employer or a leader!

"There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality."

- Pablo Picasso.

I was searching for an art piece for my rather empty living room for about a year but could not find one I like. Heck, I decided to just paint one myself to save me some trouble. This piece was all about knife action over splashes of acrylic colours, like spreading peanut butter on a toast generously 😁.

So I'd call this 'Splicing Spectrum' 👊.

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