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A Trip Journal

Updated: May 26, 2022

I made a trip back to Malaysia to sort out some legal documentations following the sudden demise of my dad last month. It's always good to be back somewhere where it is more quaint and quiet, for some peace of mind.

This is Sacred Hearts Catholic church where my dad and sis were baptized. We went back here to offer a prayer to my parents.

This is a back alley nearby. It is charming isn't it?

This was my dad's favorite 'mee rebus' from a Malay cafeteria. It means boiled noodles with sweet gravy, hard-boiled egg, chips, chili, condiments and topped with parsley. It was crazy good!

These were taken at my old house. As you can see, it isn't exactly in tip-top condition.

We went for a tea break at Lavender Café. I had mocha and a hot scone with sweet cream and marmalade jam. It was heavenly! We went to these places with heavy hearts, but with precious remembrance of where my dad and us used to hang out.

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