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A Constant Friend

There is always this friend, not the closest friend, but one who is ever present. All throughout my primary school, a school for 7 to 12 year old kids in Malaysia, this boy was in my class every year. An acquaintance, a boy to make up numbers in a badminton game, or in any game, but never in my 'inner circle'. Well, my 'inner circle' came and went.

But this boy joined me in my secondary school, a school for 13 to 17 year old kids. Again we're in the same class for 5 years and I don't even remember he was there. Again, he was great at making up numbers for a badminton game, a project team, a visit to the games arcade, or even the occasional hanging out at the malls. My closest friends came and went on to live their own lives after secondary school.

We went into different universities, but we still hung out sometimes, maybe once a year. Again my closest friends came into my life and went on to live their own lives soon after.

We have been in the workforce for many years now. We probably hung out once in 5 years. But we were at each other's wedding, and we still kept in touch. He was also around to congratulate me when I started my own watch brand.

After all these years, it made me wonder, do I prefer a best friend who is around for a year or two, or a regular friend who is ever present? Which do you prefer? 👌

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