At GANE, we're obsessed with creating
beautiful mechanical timepieces.
GANE C1 Sandy Salmon

"Old sundial, you stand here for Time:
For Love, the vine that round your base,


Its tendrils twines, and dares to climb,
And lay one flower-capped spray in grace,


Without the asking on your cold, unsmiling and unfrowning face."

~ Eleanor Farjeon

GANE C1 Sandy Salmon

GANE, pronounced 'gain', was taken from the word Hagane which means steel in Japanese. Brushed steel metalwork is its central theme.

"I want industrial design to be a public subject. I want people to love objects the way they love clothing."

~ Karim Rashid


"Colours are all the colours of the rainbow and the colours between the rainbow colours between. I can never get indigo. Year after year, I wait for indigo, but even when the fashion is navy, you never get indigo, the glow, the long slow glow of indigo in the high night sky.”

~ Anne Bartlett

GANE C2 Brushed Blue


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