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GANE, pronounced 'gain', was taken from the word Hagane which means steel in Japanese. Brushed steel metalwork is its central theme.


GANE is about old school cool automatic timepieces. The familiar vintage cues, yet unique design and structure make watch photography an enjoyable and deeply satisfying experience personally.

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GANE WATCHES Type C Series with C1, C2 and C3 models.


The sundial was the first ever timekeeping device invented, dating back to 1500 BC. The interplay between light and shadows upon the sundial determines the time of the day. 


This effect is recreated in the Type C series. The deep grooves on the indices are CNC milled from the ring structure and set on top of a base plate to create a 3D-layered effect.



As somebody born in the pre-internet era, I am a lover of everything old school. From movies, music, icons, clothing to cultural nuances, I felt those days were the 20th century version of Romanticism. I hope to bring those old school vibes through GANE Watches.

The sundial features of deep shadows and contrasts was achieved with a unique two-piece construction. On the C2 and C3 automatic timepieces, the ring surface is finely brushed in a circular direction, while the base plate is brushed in a horizontal direction with impeccable finishing to create reflections and overtones in a variety of lighting conditions.

Type C's watch case takes similar design cues by being finely brushed vertically throughout with just a sliver of polished chamfer on the sides for a touch of elegance. Together with the vintage-inspired case shape, this no-nonsense, robust case resists scratches from active usage. At the same time, the classy, boxed sapphire crystal lens and finely brushed surface reflect light elegantly. Sapphire, being second in the hardness scale just after diamond, provides an added layer of protection to the case. 

Type C's caseback design is incredibly unique as well within the world of horology as it is drawn from scratch with great thoughtfulness and personal significance. Please refer to the About section to learn more about the meaning behind the watch design.



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