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C1 Automatic Sandy Salmon on Leather Strap

C1 Automatic Sandy Salmon on Leather Strap


In ancient times, sundial makers were artisans who sculpted, chiseled and handcrafted metals such as bronze, copper and brass. Beautiful works of art in hues of reddish brown were created. The 'copper pink' colour of the salmon dial arguably invokes the deepest emotions amongst watch enthusiasts and it has been a mainstay in the watch community for over a century.


The matte salmon texture brings out the sundial features perfectly on the unique dial. The shadows cast by the grooves and recessed centerpiece ensure that there is never a dull experience when looking at the time. The finely brushed case with impeccable finishing and vintage inspired shape bring about robustness and timeless aesthetics that elevates the coolness of the C1.


C1 automatic timepiece can be paired with an elegant, 4mm thick-cut distressed, sesame-stained, European leather strap. The uncompromising quality of the strap and tang buckle is evident in your hands, while the distressed, deep grey enhances the sandy salmon dial perfectly.


Alternatively, C1 can be paired with the surgical-grade solid, five-link, finely brushed stainless steel 316L bracelet with a high quality, milled solid butterfly clasp. You cannot go wrong with this bracelet as it works in a fine dining setting, as well as in a workout session while maintaining a cool character throughout.