"Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much."

- Blaise Pascal


"Some brands like to say their watches are vintage-inspired, but this Type C takes that to a whole other level, using sundials as an inspiration for its dial layout—how’s 100BC for vintage. The dial is made up of a two-piece construction consisting of a base plate that is horizontally brushed and a radial brushed outer ring that sits on top and houses the CNC milled sundialesque hour markers."

GANE C3 watch on bracelet.


"There are some watchmakers out there that positively exude old school cool and, chief amongst them, is GANE and their awesome line up of vintage-inspired, Art Deco-esque timepieces. If you’ve been searching for the sort of watch that Don Draper may well wear, you can call off the search as you’ve just found the prime candidate." 



"One of the key things that attracted me to this watch was the choice to use a brick-style bracelet. I’ve been in love with this style of bracelet since playing with my dad’s vintage Constellation as a kid and it’s criminally underused in modern watches." 


"The result is a lineup of three beautifully crafted and visually distinctive watches in the Type C line, each with a dial that has its own unique personality and story to tell. Why name his first watch the Type C? It all comes back to music — C is the first note on the musical scale, so what better note to usher in a new brand?" 


GANE Watches - Type C2 Automatic Brushed Blue

"Speaking of the bracelet, that is an impressive bracelet for the cost. It is a true, articulated 5-link bracelet. It uses friction pins (which I honestly prefer over screws), so easy to size when it arrived."

GANE Watches Microbrand

"GANE is about old school cool timepieces." 


Customer Testimonials

"Gorgeous watches! Just got one for myself. Definitely worth much more than what I paid. Very well executed with quality materials and design. The Miyota movement gives a peace of mind for its workhorse credentials and reliability."

- Avtar

"GANE Type C1 is well within expectations and I love the dial and case! The weight, balance, and wrist presence are great too. I'm trying out all the fun 20mm straps I have because it looks good on everything! The salmon color and the dial work are so beautiful in person."

- Ivan

"The moment I opened it up, I was intrigued. The whole packaging and the extra leather strap are great. I've got to say the C3 has a strong vintage vibe aesthetically, especially with the choice of case and bracelet. But what I love is how the dial was being done up."

- Ben

"I picked up the blue GANE Type C2 a couple weeks ago after finding GANE on Instagram. It exceeded my expectations. The finishing is stunning in person and the design is eye catching but subdued."

- Tin

"I picked the C2 Brushed Blue on bracelet for myself after some consideration among the three variations. Having worn it for some time, I'm very happy with my choice. The blue is brilliant! The sundial idea for the face is creative. I truly like the design of the lampshade on the caseback too, it adds a personal touch to the watch. The entire watch gives a rugged yet classy vibe, and I wear it from work to weekends. It is truly a beautiful addition to my wardrobe. All the best to Ganewatches!!"

- Sherri

GANE Watches: Art On The Wrist

"GANE proves that careful thought and meaningful design can be expressed in the most pure of aesthetics." 

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